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Thanks to our rigorous process and collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders, we build companies that will succeed!  The following will give you a feel for the diverse opportunities which ThriveOn companies are pursuing.

BrainTrust Collaboratory

The Braintrust Collaboratory mobilizes underutilized human capital (e.g., retirees) to work on global and local issues such as environmental, energy, food, education, healthcare, and social issues by providing experiential programs that combine learning (sophisticated, topic-driven curricula & travel) and doing (team projects which leverage experience and know-how with meaningful learning and problem solving).  In addition to in person activities, an “open source” like platform facilitates virtual collaboration.

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Members learn, work and deliver value on their own terms while increasing sense of purpose and connection.

Why Braintrust?  The most dangerous 2 years of a person’s life are the year they are born and the year they retire (Your Retirement Quest: 10 Secrets for Creating and Living Your Fulfilling Retirement by Alan Spector & Keith Lawrence; 2010). The authors cite that 33% of retirees suffer from depression at some point. There are significant financial ramifications with depressed seniors paying ~50% more in medical costs than non-depressed seniors (Depressive symptoms and the cost of health services in HMO patients aged 65 years and older, by J. Unutzer, 1997). The Braintrust Collaboratory offers fulfillment, purpose and connection in retirement while facilitating value creation by its members.

Concierge Connection

The Concierge Connection is building a suite of online operations tools and resources to help institutions and individuals build and manage concierge businesses. These companies provide a single point of contact for a broad range of vetted services – beyond caregiving, and enable seniors to stay in their homes and/or community. Concierge Connection’s products help people create and offer services, manage and assess providers, and operate their businesses while enabling them to focus on their core competency.

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Why Concierge Connection? Upon retirement, 9 out of 10 seniors prefer to grow old in their own homes (AARP). The annual median cost of both homemaker and home health aide services was $20 per hour in 2014 (Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey). While usage varies, this compares quite favorably to the median annual costs for Assisted Living, semi-private and private Skilled Nursing which were $42K, $77K, and $88K, respectively, with 5 yr projected annual growth rates of >4% (Genworth 2014). in 2014 Medicaid shouldered 60% of skilled nursing costs (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) costing ~$31B (The need to reform Medicare’s payments to skilled nursing facilities is as Strong as Ever, 2014). Not to be underestimated is the value of unpaid contributions from family caregivers which was ~$450 billion in 2009 and growing (AARP, 2011). Through technology enablement, Concierge Connection will help more individuals and companies to offer these in-home services so seniors can enjoy the comforts of their homes longer.

Medical Billing Advocates

Medical Billing Advocates offers technology enabled services to individuals and to companies with self-funded health plans to help interpret patient medical bills, identify billing errors and egregious billing practices, and to negotiate reduced payment. Additional goals are to achieve new levels of transparency in medical billing practices and to encourage more logic behind price setting. 

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Why Medical Billing Advocates?  Medicare reimbursement for the same procedure can vary >50x (Nerdwallet). This coupled with increased out-of-pocket costs and rampant billing errors (as high as 80% of Medicare bills with up to 26% in overcharges) drive 1 in 4 seniors into bankruptcy (Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2013). Some of these errors are fraudulent in the form of billing for services not provided, upcoding, reclassifications, elevated co-pays, unbundling of services, etc.  While individuals are shouldering more of the cost burden with higher deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses totalling ~$340B in 2014 and growing, CMS assumes the lion’s share of these costs.


DriveOn offers reactive and proactive services to help seniors drive more safely and with more confidence. These progressive services provide a safety net and help drivers to better understand and accommodate for limitations. They currently include both an emergency response system, as well as a driver scorecarding application which provides incontrovertible data when it is time to implement alternate transportation strategies. 

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Why DriveOn? While seniors benefit from their driving experience, they outlive their ability to drive safely by 7-10 years due to sensory and physical limitations, compromised cognitive abilities, and the side effects of medication (AAA, 2014). At 70 fatalities increase; by 85 rates they are comparable to young drivers (AAA, Census, 2012).  At 80, fatalities per mile driven skyrocket with 4.2 and 8.8 fatalities per hundred miles driven at ages 80-84 and 85+, respectively. (IIHS- HLDI Fatality Data, 2008). In 2010 the total economic cost of US motor vehicle crashes was $277B; when quality-of-life valuations are considered, the total value of societal harm was $871B (NHTSA, 2010). While accident rates are going down in general (thanks to safer vehicles), the number of older drivers is growing rapidly from >25M 70+ and 3.8M 85+ in 2015 to 46M 70+ and 6.4M 85+ by 2030 (AAA and Census). DriveOn helps seniors and their loved ones to better understand limitations and to make better decisions with respect to when it is time to hang up the car keys.

Intuitive Innovations

Intuitive Innovations  delivers novel solutions for seniors that improve quality of life and safety. Products combine technology and universal design to deliver smart services for at home or on-the-go. Our products are high tech on the inside and intuitive on the outside with a keen focus on usability, design and fashion.

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Why Intuitive Innovations? 1) Safety – enabling seniors to stay in their homes and remain independent. (See Concierge Connection.) When things go wrong (a downed senior) it can take hours or days for them to be found. Getting help fast improves the chance of survival by 80% and increases the probability of a return to independent living (LearnNOTtoFall, 2014). Unfortunately,  the average down time after a fall at home is ~18 hours; 62% of those who do not receive care within an hour cannot return to independent living (New England Journal of Medicine). 2) Connection – loneliness, which often comes with age and social isolation, is associated with higher mortality in adults 52+. It can negatively impact physical and mental health and contributes to cognitive decline and dementia (a $150-200+B burden in the US in 2013).

Advanced Directives Registry

Advanced Directives Registry provides an online process and universal access repository as a service to help people record their wishes with respect to end-of-life. The degree of human agonizing and suffering that surround the decision-making when a loved one is being kept alive by artificial means is difficult. Advanced Directives enables patients in terminal situations to exercise their right to self-determination and participate in decisions about life-prolonging measures. 

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As a result, heroic services are minimized – benefiting patients, their loved ones, and the health care system, alike. Why the Advanced Directives Registry? In 2011, Medicare spending reached ~$554B, or ~ 21% of total US healthcare costs. Of this, Medicare spent 28%, or ~$170B, on patients’ last six months of life.   10% of the population (those terminally ill) represent 70% of all healthcare expenses (Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2013). While progress has been made providing processes to allow people to express their wishes, medical professionals seldom have what they need to execute on these desires. Advanced Directives will provide a technology-based registry which offers secure and legally acceptable advance directives enabling patients to have their voices heard – while significantly reducing the costs and suffering.


MeHR -My electronic Health Record is a service that helps people collect their medical information (including imaging and test results) and organizes them in a single online repository. It goes beyond current EHR systems including dentists, orthodontists, and other providers. It is envisioned to include data from wearables that can be correlated back to medical conditions (e.g., exercise, glucose levels, sleep patterns).

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  A secure personal portal summarizes the information and shows trending over time, as well as statistical risk factors. Customers can authorize other users to access their portal. Summary information and complete data can be downloaded onto a thumb drive or printed so it’s easy to take to doctor appointments reducing the need for duplicate testing.

Why MeHR?  The promise of EHR’s and the value they may provide will take time. Consumers need to take charge of their own health and wellness now – to reduce redundancy, unnecessary procedures and medical errors. Overspending in defensive medicine including redundant and unnecessary procedures was $210B, or 17.5% of all healthcare related spend, in 2010 (The price of excess* Identifying waste in healthcare spending, PwC, 2010). In the US medical errors cost 1000 lives daily and $1T (Senate Hearing, Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, 2014). While not all of these errors are preventable, enabling patients to play a more informed role in medical decision making can significantly lower costs and improve outcomes.

Professional's Business Accelerator

Professionals’ Business Accelerator provides a combination of education, mentorship and access to tools to help experienced professionals build emerging growth businesses as an encore career. These individuals have a wealth of experience and know-how in general business, management, and other disciplines (unlike most entrepreneurs), but are unfamiliar with the processes associated with building a startup.

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The Accelerator would help to demystify the process, tap into existing entrepreneur networks,  and to improve the odds of success.

Why a Professionals’ Business Accelerator? In 2013, the 55-64 demographic started nearly one-quarter of all new businesses (Kaufmann Foundation, 2013). The professionals business accelerator offers a tailored program to this demographic that focuses on startup success, acknowledging the depth and breadth of wisdom that is already present increasing their probability of success and overall value creation.

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