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Creating the World We Envision

Creating the World We Envision

As members of the sandwich generation, we know what it feels like to have careers, kids at home and/or in college, and aging parents who need (and deserve) some help. Over the last couple of years we’ve had the opportunity to experience this up front and personal. Having seen what’s actually available and attainable in the form of services, products and support systems was a real eye opener for all of us.  We can, and should, do better!

Our motivation: You are either a part of the solution, or a part of the problem.  We opted for the former. Our mantra from day one has been to create the world we envision. We agreed that assuming someone else would address the huge needs associated with our shifting demographics was simply ill-advised. Of course, our agenda has been, admittedly, self-serving — always a tremendous motivator.

Our approach: When you bring smart people together with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and life stages, provide an environment of mutual respect and a framework to facilitate the dialogue, magic happens! Our beginning did not disappoint in this regard. We’ve had no shortage of ideas, passion around the subject, nor willingness to roll up ones sleeves to get things done. A HUGE shout out to all of you who have participated and continue to participate in this endeavor.

The Result: The ThriveOn Group.

ThriveOn is a collaborative effort to build a cluster of technology businesses that tackle opportunities in the longevity space. The umbrella organization provides a shared infrastructure, domain expertise, shared go-to-market, and generally seeks to improve the quality or the businesses while speeding time to market.

Like to learn more?  Please reach out to any one of us. We’d love to have the conversation.

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