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Live more.

Building technology enabled businesses

For self-empowered longevity.

Live fully

Solutions for independence, quality of life, self determination.

What we do.

ThriveOn builds technology enabled businesses to serve the 50+ demographic. We focus on quality of life, meaningful contribution, connection, assisting with daily life, and the caregiver, and we are constantly seeking new opportunities to help people “live more”. Our changing demographics toward a more mature population has created endless opportunities.

2000 US Population

2025 US Population

2050 US Population

Collaboration for Acceleration

Everything we do is based upon collaboration. We work with customers, industry leaders, partners, and across member companies to bring the right skills and expertise together. This, combined with ThriveOn member resources, such as domain experts, shared infrastructure, access to our extensive networks, helps accelerate value to our constituents.

Simply put…together we are better!


Our Process

Ideas can come from anywhere — customers, industry leaders, our our team. We explore all opportunities which can have a significant impact in helping the longevity cohort to “live more”.
While ideas are good, proposed solutions may not be. We go through a rigorous validation process to make sure that we understand all the nuances of the opportunity, as well as the urgency.
We combine the best in robust technologies with outstanding user experience and high-touch services to delight our customers.
Create Value

Ultimately, this is what it’s all about. Our success is measured by the success of our customers.

Aging is a team sport — one that is better, when we do it together. The ThriveOn Group offers a comprehensive system of products, services and support, custom designed to maximize an individual’s ability to remain safely at home with quality of life,  and meaningfully connected to the people and places that inspire joie de vivre.

Janice Blanchard

President & Author, Aging in Community, Aging Better, Together

Baby Boomers hold 77% of the nation’s private wealth and account for 50% of all discretionary spending. Given their propensity to transform businesses at each life stage, there are significant growth opportunities for technology providers, like ThriveOn, who offer real solutions.

Brent Green

Author, Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, Brent Green & Associates

Isolation is a major issue for all seniors. For LGBT seniors, who often have little or no family support or safe spaces, it can be devastating. Technology, particularly tech that links seniors to a virtual community can offer a sense of belonging that can lift the spirit and improve health. Technology that helps seniors remain independent is restorative to self confidence.

Kathleen Sullivan, PhD

Director of Senior Services, Los Angeles LGBT Center